Privacy Policy

At Coneberry we take your privacy very seriously. We are committed to making and following rules that protect the privacy of personal information we get from our customers, prospects, and other people who visit our website and/or decide to work with us.

This Policy is for all of Coneberry’s products, services, and websites. You can email us at, if you have any questions about this privacy statement or how this site works.

Information about you

With our service, we gather two main types of information: personal information and business information. The term “personal information” refers to information that can be used to identify a person (like a name and email address), as well as demographic and other information about a person that can be linked directly to personally identifiable information. A user name can be personal information if it has information that can be used to find out who it belongs to, like a first and last name. “Business” information is not part of what we mean by “personal” information.

We won’t give your information to anyone else. We don’t share your information with anyone outside of our company unless it’s in our own accounts on apps and websites that we use to communicate with you (like our email provider), process payments (like PayPal Merchant Services), or look at how people use our website. (Example: Google Analytics). Your information is only shared within our company for business purposes (like processing your press release) or to get in touch with you.

Coneberry is an online service that helps people get their press releases out to the public. Suppose you decide to use our system to send out a press release. In that case, we will send the whole thing, including any personal or business information or media contact information, to our media contacts and online news distribution points, such as search engines. Your use of our system to send press releases shows that you agree with this policy.

For example, if you send out a press release, the whole thing will be published and sent out, including the Media Contact information, including the name, phone number, and email address you gave.

We will share your personal and business information if a law enforcement agency or bank asks us to, or if we think it’s necessary (a) because of a law or regulation that applies or (b) to exercise, establish, or defend our legal rights.

In the event that our company is sold, merged, consolidated, liquidated, reorganized, or acquired, we may share your personal and business information with a potential buyer (and its agents and advisors). Under an NDA, we would do this. (Non-disclosure agreement).

Information about you

When you visit our website, log in, register, or open an email, our online data partners or vendors may use cookies, ad beacons, and other similar technologies to link these actions to information they or others have about you, such as your email address. Then, we (or service providers on our behalf) can send emails to these addresses with information and marketing.

Minimum Age: Because doesn’t want to collect personal information about children under 16, they won’t let them make an account.

Cookies: “Coneberry may use cookie” technology to keep track of or record information about our website visitors. Coneberry needs “cookie” technology so that users can see the right information as they move from one screen to the next. Users of Coneberry who turn off the ability of their web browser to accept cookies may not be able to use our service.

Coneberry may sometimes use a service like Google Adwords to advertise or re-target an ad to people who use Google or other websites or apps. This could mean that a service like Google Adwords would use a cookie to help us show users ads that we think might be interesting to them. In practice, this means that if you visit, you might see a Coneberry ad on Google or another site.

Changes to personal information: Site visitors can get a copy of the information we have collected and kept about them if they ask. Consumers can get this information by logging into their account or contacting

Links to Sites Run by Other People: The site has links to other sites. Coneberry is not in charge of how these sites handle privacy or what they say on them. You will have to look at the privacy policies of other websites to figure out how they work. If a customer or visitor goes to a linked site, they may be giving out personal information. It is up to the user to make sure that this information stays private and secret.

Security: To keep user information safe, we use common encryption methods in the business world when sending and receiving information from and about users. We have put in place the right security measures in our buildings to make sure that the information we get from you at our site doesn’t get lost, misused, or changed.

We don’t keep information about credit cards in our systems.

Changes to the statement on privacy:

We may sometimes use information about our customers in ways we hadn’t planned, or that weren’t in our privacy notice. If we change how we use your information in the future, we will post the new policy on our website to let you know and give you a chance to choose not to use your information in this new way. Check this page from time to time to stay updated on Coneberry’s policies.

How to get in touch with the website: You can send us an email at