How to Turn Anything into a Newsworthy Press Release?

How to generate press release ideas

Before we can understand how to come up with a newsworthy angle for any press release, it is important to under what is a Press Release.

What is a Press Release after all?

In simple terms, a press release is a news piece.

So, think what a news piece can be? An announcement? A product launch? Something big that has happened in your company? Probably a new appointment?

Some examples from actual press releases that we did:


How to turn anything into newsworthy?

The answer is – By using action words

In the above examples, you can see how although the industries are entirely different, by using action words in the title, we turned it into news. The first one is a direct news piece, as it talks about the launch of a service. But check the 2nd example. There is actually no direct news story there. The PR is. after all, about Andrew Hillman and his experience, but by inserting the word “Guiding” we have now changed it into a newsworthy piece.

Examples of action words

Here is a quick list of action words to turn your write-up into a newsworthy story.

Announcement Company Name has announced that it is hiring the CEO name for the CEO position
Launch Author Name has Launched Her Latest Book Name on Amazon
Milestone The event name is scheduled for this date, in the place name
Event The entrepreneur name surpassed 500k in monthly revenue in 2024
Promotion Event name is scheduled for this date, in the place name
These are just some of the examples. There could be millions of combinations. But I hope you got the gist of it.

If you want to brainstorm a press release idea, do chat with our live support. There is an actual human on the other side who will help you comeup with your next press release. If you prefer email, send an email to



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