Should You Submit Free PR or Hire a Paid PR Agency for Your Brand? Paid vs. Free PR

Should You Submit Free PR or Hire a Paid PR Agency for Your Brand? Paid vs. Free PR

There are a large number of companies offering the same products and services. Nowadays, every company must receive some press attention to stand out from the competition and build a distinctive brand identity. Press releases are the finest and safest approach to get media attention for your company and quickly increase its visibility worldwide.

Press releases were initially created as a tool to improve a company’s reputation. Today, they are used for various things, including building a favorable brand reputation, enhancing SEO, driving sales, and much more. They differ from conventional kinds of advertising. They boost the credibility of your brand because readers perceive them as breaking news.

Detailed Press Release

Press releases are merely formal announcements that people and organizations make in order to give consumers, investors, and business professionals factual information about their goods and services. Press releases are a simple way to increase your brand’s reputation in the eyes of your target market, which will increase your success. You have the option of hiring a professional public relations firm or distributing your news releases for free on PR websites.

  • Press releases are now mostly released online after being first published offline.
  • They don’t include any promotion and have a formal tone.
  • Businesses utilize press releases to inform their target audience of the most recent and pertinent events taking place within the company.
  • Online news releases can improve the traffic to your website.

Detail news release

The Qualities of the Perfect Press Release

PR authoring and distribution are the two phases involved in releasing a press release, and both are crucial to its success. PR writing quality and distribution are very important to build a positive brand image among the target audience. A poorly-written press release will make you lose trust and reputation in the industry. Business owners aren’t expected to possess the skills necessary to produce a press release that adheres to all applicable worldwide standards for PR writing. For faultless PR writing, consider these pointers:

  • The headline of a press release should briefly summarize the content of the full PR. It should also be visually appealing.
  • Press releases that are excessively long won’t be enjoyed by your readers. Therefore, it is advisable to draft a shorter PR with 4–5 paragraphs.
  • You should compose the material in plain English so everyone may comprehend it and find it valuable.
  • Ensure that your press release has its own paragraph. They give your tale more credence.
  • Update the press release using popular keywords to boost its ranking in search results.

Distribution of Press Releases

The dissemination of a press release is its second phase. There are two techniques for accomplishing press release dissemination. You can do it yourself or hire a reputable PR firm to handle it on your behalf.

Press Release distribution

Locate the Best Media Outlets

If you are conducting the press release distribution on your own, you must first identify which media sources will provide you with the highest amount of visibility and audience interaction. To determine which media companies are the best options, you must conduct an in-depth study and watch your rivals. The most important step in your PR distribution strategy is selecting the appropriate media channel.

Finding the media outlets that cover your unique business is the first thing you must do.

  • Compile a list of the media outlets you’ve chosen.
  • After that, discover how to reach the affiliated journalists so you may send them your press release.

Send Your PR Pitch to Journalists

One of the busiest occupations in the world is journalism. They already have so much work, and they get bombarded with hundreds of press releases every day. Still, they comb through the email to discover the appropriate press releases since they also seek noteworthy tales. They just read the pitch to understand the substance since they do not have time to read all the press releases provided to them. They read the actual press release if they are interested in the pitch.

  • Before sending the media your press release, read their articles.
  • Learn what kinds of stories they enjoy covering, and make sure to tailor your material to that.
  • Let them know you’re accustomed to the way they write and the kind of news they publish on the pitch.
  • Don’t neglect to explain why their readers will find your tale interesting.
  • Send the email during the work days and not on the weekends.

However, there is no assurance that the PR will be chosen by the journalists and published in the media outlets despite all of the efforts.

Hiring a seasoned PR firm with the necessary skills is the only way to guarantee that your press releases are picked up by the media outlets you desire.

Professional PR Distribution Methods

You may disseminate your press release in one of two methods. For your brand news, you may choose between a paid PR campaign and a free press release distribution service.

Free Press Release Distribution

Another benefit of employing press releases is that numerous PR companies give free press release services to consumers.

  • Launching a PR campaign for your company occasionally causes you to go over your budget. Beginning businesses may find it challenging to amass a sizable budget for their marketing campaign before determining whether the agency is worthwhile. They ought to work with a reputable PR firm that provides free PR services. They will be able to understand the agency’s reach thanks to the free PR service.
  • It may also be a beneficial learning experience for beginners who wish to become acquainted with the ways in which press releases can increase their internet visibility and audience engagement.
  • Free PR services do not promise publication in hundreds of publications, but they do guarantee publishing in a select group of the most significant publications in your field. It greatly increases your brand’s internet presence.
  • In order to keep ahead of the competition, building a reliable reputation for your brand in the marketplace is crucial. A free PR service may assist you in promoting a favorable brand image globally and enhancing your standing with clients and investors.
  • Press releases are disseminated in order to boost sales of your goods and services. A free press release also helps increase your sales without costing you anything. It ensures that the target markets visit your website the next time they want to buy anything.


Types of professional PR distribution

Paid Publication of Press Releases

The most widespread practice used by companies worldwide is the distribution of paid press releases. The best way for any business to get the word out about its brand is through paid PR distribution.

  • When distributed with the aid of hired PR companies, press releases provide the highest return on investment. With a paid one, you will receive more press release distribution than anticipated.
  • Despite providing great distribution, free PR providers are unable to publish your article in a significant number of media sources. Paid PR distribution companies guarantee publication on hundreds of media outlets and websites in every specialized industry and distributing press releases.
  • Paid press release services, as opposed to free PR services, offer comprehensive SEO optimization. They will support a higher search result position for your press release. In this manner, your company website will quickly see a surge in visitors.
  • Paid press release distribution services ensure that your targeted level of media attention and audience participation will be attained by the specified date. They always keep their word and produce your PR campaign by the deadlines.
  • In order to receive future media coverage and assistance, businesses and entrepreneurs must build stronger ties with journalists and media organizations. For media outlets, paid press release services are reliable sources of cutting-edge news. By using a reputable paid PR service to spread your message, you may build deeper relationships with the media.
  • Paid PR companies provide good and trustworthy client assistance, in contrast to free PR services, which sometimes do not offer user help. Paid PR firms provide their clients round-the-clock customer support that assists them throughout the whole press release campaign.
  • Following the campaign’s conclusion, these agencies provide a thorough report on the PR distribution.
  • Users may also get high-quality PR writing services from paid PR firms.

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