How Coneberry helped Vein-X to take it’s story to major publications


Vein-ID, a FIDO2-based finger vein authentication solutions provider, approached Coneberry Press Release Distribution Company to help them distribute a press release about their recent success in the global market. Vein-ID had gained significant traction in the industry, and they wanted to share this news with potential customers and partners. Coneberry, known for its expertise in press release distribution, was excited to assist Vein-ID in sharing its story with the world.


The primary objective of the press release was to increase brand awareness for Vein-ID and generate interest in their FIDO2-based finger vein authentication technology. The release aimed to highlight the benefits and advantages of using Vein-ID, including its accuracy, speed, and security features. Additionally, the goal was to reach a broad audience, including potential customers, partners, and industry professionals, and position Vein-ID as the go-to provider of finger vein authentication solutions.


Coneberry took a strategic approach to the distribution of Vein-ID’s press release. The team worked closely with Vein-ID to craft a compelling and informative release that effectively communicated the company’s achievements and advantages. Coneberry then leveraged its extensive media outlets and journalists’ network to distribute the press release to a broad audience.

Coneberry utilized its targeted distribution strategy, which involved segmenting the media list to specific industries, including finance, healthcare, and government, where finger vein authentication is critical for security. This strategy ensured that the press release reached relevant audiences that were more likely to be interested in Vein-ID’s technology.


Coneberry’s distribution of Vein-ID’s press release was a resounding success. The press release received coverage in several major media outlets, including Benzinga and Digital Journal. These publications helped to increase brand awareness for Vein-ID, position them as a leading provider of finger vein authentication solutions, and generate significant interest in their technology.

Furthermore, the press release generated substantial website traffic and lead generation for Vein-ID. The company reported a 50% increase in website visits and a 25% increase in inbound leads within the first week of the release being distributed. The press release also generated several requests for partnership and collaboration, demonstrating the success of Coneberry’s targeted distribution strategy.


Coneberry’s distribution of Vein-ID’s press release was successful, resulting in significant brand awareness, increased website traffic, and lead generation. By leveraging Coneberry’s expertise in press release distribution and its extensive network of media outlets and journalists, Vein-ID was able to reach a broad audience, generate interest in its technology, and position itself as a leading provider of finger vein authentication solutions.